Pointing Out The Obvious

2011-07-13 04:07:42 by Darth-Spanky

Not that it bothers me much, but I thought I should point out that I am a girl. That picture on this profile...it's me. That and the page also says that I'm a female. There are a lot of people out there posing as others, or guys pretending to be chicks. This isn't the case.

If you need it confirmed, here's my website and FB page...
Official Website
(Public) Facebook Page

Even my DA!
Spanky's Deviant Art

Notice how each of those pages provide a link to this Newgrounds profile? Just letting you know to prevent further confusion with my gender. I'll even include a photo of me in this entry.

Pointing Out The Obvious


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2011-11-04 18:33:05

Okay! LOVE UR ART!!!

Darth-Spanky responds:

Awww <3


2012-01-25 10:38:56

It's been a while, can't wait to look at more of you artwork. -Neo


2012-04-06 23:28:06

haha yeah pretty obvious i guess and one more thing: damn girl you're beautiful :)!!!