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The voting has finally begun for Exile Asylum's Halloween contest. So please vote for me. I'm dressed as Medusa. :D

Vote for Spanky

I'm also still in the lingerie contest...
Vote for Girl #5

All votes will be greatly appreciated. <3

Oh yes, and here is another sketch for Spankdocks.

Spankdocks...and Blah...

2009-11-17 00:06:09 by Darth-Spanky

I've started yet another project for a friend of mine called "Spankdocks". We're doing a Christmas art trade. I'm drawing us based off of Boondocks characters and she is drawing us as Beavis and Butthead.

For more details and the first sketch of a couple of Spankdocks characters, please refer to my DA page. Better yet...

Spankdocks_Spanky and Kaley Sketch

Onto the subject of stupid people...

Some people have too much free-time with those large pointy sticks up their asses Those people will simply be banned, blocked, and forgotten. Not much else to say. They don't deserve the same attention they give me. ;)

More Projects and Contests

2009-11-12 22:26:02 by Darth-Spanky

Well, I've been busy lately and still have much more to do.

Drawings in progress (That will actually be posted here)...
Blood Empress (sketch posted here)
Exile Asylum Guys Character
Phoenix Chained
Nightmare Tombie
Drawing of my sister

I've also been entered into a couple contests. No, they are not for my drawing art, but for modeling. I would greatly appreciate help with votes.

Bloody Lingerie Contest I am girl #5.

Halloween Costume Contest Voting will begin Nov.13...details on how to vote will be updated. (I am dressed as Medusa.)

Projects and Recent Features :D

2009-11-04 15:57:20 by Darth-Spanky

Well, this being a newer page, it is about time to provide some updates.

Projects in progress (That will actually be posted here)...
Blood Empress (sketch posted here)
My Dear Succubus (sketch posted here)
Deadly Creations Character
Exile Asylum Guys Character
Nightmare Tombie Tombie Character Sheet
Sax Man sung by Gerald the Cat Flash video
Adding sound to rotoscope flash video

Recent Features...
Gothgirl of the Week: Darth-Spanky
Inside Insanity: Darth-Spanky
Gothic Red

To see my photo work, please refer to my DA page, or add me on Myspace.

Finally Did It

2009-11-03 01:29:17 by Darth-Spanky

Well, I finally decided to make a Newgrounds account....It was time. lol

Hopefully this will force me to actually do more in Flash and draw a little more. (Not that I don't already constantly draw.) Anyway, I'm glad to be here and I hope to make this another nice little home for my art. :D